Dbios Biotechnology charts

Printed on White Rexine
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CH 22AMutations and chromosomal Aberrations
CH 22BLinkage and and crossing over
CH 1151Method of sterilization
CH 1152Miocrobial Species and Strains
CH 1153Hypersensitive Reactions
CH 1154Immune Response to an Infection
CH 1155Blotting Techniques
*CH 10DNA-Structure
CH 1157HIV Life Cycle
CH 1158Genetic Code
CH 1159Prokaryotic Gene Expression
CH 1160The Immune System
CH 1161Antigen - Antibody Interactions
CH 1162Cell Culture (Primary & Secondary)
CH 1163Genetic Engineering
CH 1164Recombinant DNA Technology
CH 1165Gene Cloning and Transfer
CH 1166Transgenic Animals
CH 1167Environmental Biotechnology
*CH 18Mendelian Laws of Inheritance
CH 1169Gene Interactions
CH 1170Genetic disorders
CH 1171Microbial Genetics
CH 1172Immunoglobulin Structure
CH 1173B & T Lymphocytes
CH 1174Humoral & Cell Mediated Immunity
CH 1175PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)
CH 1176Complement System
CH 1177MHC Clan -I Molecule
CH 1178MHC Clan -II Molecule
CH 1179DNA Repair Mechanism
CH 1180Monoclonal Antibody Production
CH 1181Nuclear Splicing
CH 1183Yeast Artificial Chromosome
CH 1184Gene Therapy
CH 1187Transponsons
CH 1188Signal Transduction