Dbios Engg. Chemistry Charts


SIZE 75 X 100cms

CH 951Phase diagram of one component systems
CH 952Phase diagram of two component systems
CH 953Boiler problems
CH 954Softening of water
CH 955Desalination of water
CH 970Treatment of water for Domestic use
CH 971Types of Mechanism of Corrosion
CH 972Types of Electrochemical Corrosion
CH 956Corrosion control
CH 929Corrosion
CH 957Additives for lubricants
CH 958Physical properties of lubricants
CH 959Chemical properties of lubricants
CH 960Polymer composites
CH 961Titrimetric methods of analysis
CH 962Determination of alkalinity of water
CH 963Determination of hardness by EDTA method
CH 964Determination of viscosity by Redwood viscometer
CH 965Determination of flash point by Pensky Martin's apparatus
CH 966Preparation of urea formaldhyde resin
CH 967Preparation of phenol formaldehyde resin